transpersonaltherapist_240x160My life’s work has centered around supporting others in their personal and spiritual development.  My spiritual path and desire for self-healing compelled me to do my own personal inner work – my professional goals required this of me to gain the knowledge and necessary skill set.

In the 70’s I found it difficult to find a spiritual teacher that could integrate both my psychological and emotional development because they simply didn’t possess the benefit of contemporary psychological understanding.  Similarly, most traditionally trained therapists at that time, weren’t equipped to support ones spiritual development with the issues and challenges that arise when a person is on a committed spiritual path.

As a result, over time, I developed my own way of working with others to integrate the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human condition.  Decades of experience have taught me the value of this approach.  In this way, the intricate complexity of each person’s uniqueness is treasured, honored and supported.


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