guide_240x160Karen offers individual sessions and workshops.

Individual Sessions

There are many paths that lead to becoming a healthy, conscious, aware human being: to become whole, to become realized. And, at times, we often need support for healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – to bring balance and harmony into our lives. My life’s work is devoted to offering these professional services. It is an honor and privilege for me to hold space during these times.

Each person’s life-journey is unique. It is an intricate weave based on their formative history, life experience, social conditioning, personal goals/values and spiritual orientation.

At times, one may require more in-depth work i.e. when exploring psychological, and emotional issues. At other times, the need may be for personal or professional guidance during everyday challenges such as communication issues, fulfilling goals, decision-making, and achieving situational clarity.

And yet, at other times, there may be a yearning to deepen ones spiritual path and integrate it more fully into ones life. Spiritual mentoring can offer the guidance and personal practices in support of this pursuit.

Individual one-on-one sessions will include each of these approaches as appropriate.


Currently Available Workshops

The Spectrum of Being: An Exploration of Our Essential Nature

with Karen Malik, MA, and Byron Metcalf, Ph.D.

The underlying foundation of humanity—and our personalities—is a life-force that comes from beyond our understanding.  Yet, this life-force is a manifestation of our Essential Nature, and thus can be known by us.  There is a Spectrum of Being from which we come;  it is who we really are, thus our birthright.  As we embark on the journey of ascent to explore this Spectrum, we transcend from the duality of physical-matter-reality into the non-dual and subtle realms of the Self.  Journeying this way opens doorways to Our Essential Nature, allowing us to receive the gifts of our true Self.  And, as we integrate these gifts our awareness expands and our lives become the expression of our highest unfoldment,  bringing heaven down to earth.

In addition to an experiential exploration of the Spectrum of Being model, the workshop includes:

  • Inner-journeywork utilizing music and sound technologies
  • Meditation and expanded states of awareness
  • Group work and integrative processing

DATES:  To be announced.  Join Karen’s email list to be notified of future events.

The Shaman’s Heart: The Path of Authentic Power, Purpose & Presence

with Byron Metcalf, Ph.D. and Karen Malik, MA.

Developed by Byron Metcalf, the program is a unique and practical integration of shamanic practice, transpersonal psychology, ancient wisdom teachings, and various contemporary methods of spiritual growth and personal transformation. This highly experiential retreat is specifically oriented toward creating the capacity to navigate these challenging times and complex world in a soul-based and heart-centered manner.

During this workshop we will use a combination of music and sound, meditation, personal intention, ritual, HoloShamanic Journey work, and integrative processing to explore and experience the path of authentic power, purpose and presence.

DATES:  To be announced.  Join Karen’s email list to be notified of future events.

Future Workshops in Creation

Navigating Difficult Times

Karen and Byron are currently working on a new workshop entitled “Navigating Difficult Times.”  Stay tuned for further information.  Or, join Karen’s mailing list to be notified of future dates.

About the Workshop Leaders:

Byron Metcalf, PhD, is a transpersonal guide and educator, shamanic practitioner, researcher, and award-winning professional musician. For nearly three decades, he has been intensely involved in consciousness research and spiritual development, specializing in the transformative potential of alternative states of consciousness. As a drummer, percussionist and recording engineer, Byron produces music for deep inner exploration, breathwork, shamanic journeywork, body-oriented therapies, various meditation practices and the healing arts.

As a workshop, retreat and ceremonial leader with over 25 years of experience, Byron has facilitated personal growth and healing workshops featuring Holotropic and HoloShamanic Breathwork and The Shaman’s Heart Program/Training throughout the US. He lives in the high-desert mountains of Prescott Valley, Arizona, and is the founding director of HoloShamanic Strategies, LLC. Learn more at his websites, and

From Marianne Murray, PhD, Santa Fe, NW:  “My work with Byron has opened both my soul and my intellect. What I feel most strongly is the joy of waking up into all aspects of myself. The path that Byron walks, and works, and invites us to re-member is Wholeness—our birthright as human beings.”

Karen Malik, MA is a transpersonal therapist, guide and mentor. Extensively trained and experienced in the field of consciousness exploration, Karen is recognized both nationally and internationally as a uniquely gifted workshop/retreat facilitator, therapist and healer.

Karen developed the Western Division of The Monroe Institute (TMI) and as Senior Residential Facilitator for over 36 years, played a key role in the overall development of TMI and its cutting-edge programs. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, is a Senior Fellow with the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA) and a certified Biofeedback practitioner. She has served on the Board and is past president and conference chairperson of ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine), and also serves on the Board and is past president of CCSP (Cross Cultural Studies Program). In 2017, Karen completed certification in psychedelic-assisted therapies and research from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco